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A payment gateway tailor-made for high risk merchant accounts

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Why Agnipay?

Created by industry experts and seasoned-professionals, Agnipay is the perfect solution to accept payments for high risk businesses around the world. Our seamless approval process, robust platform, premium customer support and competitive rate ensures merchants an unbeatable experience and peace of mind while managing high risk payments. Agnipay matches your processing capacity according to your business need to guarantee the smooth management and growth of your business. We manage high volume payments processing for high risk merchants from various industries. Agnipay is accessible to businesses located anywhere around the globe. We take security seriously, hence our robust platform provides utmost in-house fraud protection and is also PCI-DSS certified.

How Can Agnipay Boost Your Business?

Credit Cards Accepted
Quick Deposit of Funds
Anti-Fraud Protection
PCI-DSS Certified
Customized Pricing
Customer Support
Global Access
Express Payments
High Volume Processing

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may apply for a merchant account with Agnipay by contacting us here.

Agnipay accepts mid to high-risk businesses internationally.

Usually, business types carrying one of more of the following characteristics are usually branded as high-risk:

    -If the business type is familiar with irregular or very high-ticket sales,
    -If the business type is from an industry popular with high chargeback rates,
    -If the business type is from an industry that large or retail banks refuse to support,
    -If the business type is from a highly monitored or regulated industry,
    -If the business owner has been exposed to a low credit score, or a recent bankruptcy.

The list below currently classifies as "High-Risk":

Membership Based Companies Forex Trading Payday Lenders Law Firms and Attorneys Online Games and Gaming Binary Options Firms
Continuity Based Billing Insurance Brokers Health or Fitness Clubs Hospitality & Hotels Tech Support Agencies Online Poker Competition
Direct Response Marketers Student Loans or Scholarships Pharmacueticals Timeshare Businesses Collection Agencies Telemarketing Services
E-Commerce Businesses Financial Services Nutraceuticals Travel Agents Credit Repair Mobile Application Development
Multi Level Marketers Bitcoin Mining Online Casino

Agnipay’s pricing structure may differ according to the location of your business. Please sign up to receive the best pricing offered by Agnipay.